The Kondor system.  At the edge of human space, an unregulated mining colony where people come from across the galaxy to get rich quick.  But things have changed.  Now the system is under the control of the mysterious Vladek Corporation, who rule with an iron fist and seem intent on building an army.  And they have the Doctor.

Georgie, alone and a long way from home, is left with no choice but to make an alliance with a pair of bounty hunters.  To do the impossible and attempt to rescue the Doctor from the heavily armed clutches of the sinister corporation.

And other forces are drawing their plans against the Doctor.  Forces that want to draw the Time Lord into a conflict he may have no choice but to join.  A conflict that may change his travels forever.


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SegalChord Productions is a group of professional, semi-professional, and amateur actors who have been making The Doctor Who Audio Dramas since 1982. These productions are downloaded for free over the internet. We average thousands of episodes downloaded each month. (More than a quarter million episodes were downloaded last year.) If you want to get your voice heard, this is the place to do it.

We are currently holding an open casting call for voice actors for our next production, Unforgotten, four episode audio drama.

Audition guidelines:

Please read these guidelines. They will give important information on how to correctly submit an audition. Part of your audition is to see if you can follow directions, so we do look for correctly packaged submissions.

Thank you for your interest in The Doctor Who Audio Dramas. Auditioning is not hard and we are happy to give new actors the chance to develop their skills as well as typecast actors the opportunity to break out of the mould.

We look forward to working with you!

The following are the open roles for our current audition. Gender is indicated if a specific gender is required, otherwise the role is gender neutral and anyone can audition for that role. Numbers in parenthesis indicate the number of lines the character has. Please note that, while we do our best to describe characters to give you as much background to go on as we can, we do have fans who read through these audition notices, so we have to hold back to prevent spoilers from leaking out. If you need more information for a character, please feel free to ask.

In the case of child characters (both male as well as female), females should consider auditioning for these types of roles as well regardless of the character\s gender. Females have the ability to sound pre-pubesent no matter what their age, and many male child characters are voiced by females in animation.

Voice actors who have multiple voices in their repertoire are encouraged to give a sample of each in addition to their audition. We may offer you multiple roles if your voices are identifiably different from each other.

British Isle accent is preferred, though we will accept any accent. Roles which require a specific accent are noted.

If anyone has any questions, please do not hesitate in the slightest to ask.  E-mail: dwad@onepost.net

Sometimes there are several unlisted roles which have only a couple of lines. For those chosen, we may assign you one of these small characters to play as well. Welcome to the world of voice acting!

Demos: Please do not send generic demos for auditions. We know how tedious it can be to do custom auditions, especially for professional actors who do a lot of auditions every day. But we need to hear you in our specific charcater using the equipment you intend to use if you get the role.






Male, older adult.  Head of the Vladek Corporation, Vladek is a vampire from Earth and is several thousand years old.  Having has millennia to build up his wealth and power across the galaxy, Vladek has gone slightly eccentric over the last few centuries, and he has grown increasingly isolated.  His initial curiosity about the Daleks – clones of the creature he bought at auction – soon turned to fear and then worship. (47)

VLADEK: You can see him too?

DOCTOR: Of course I can see him.

ANTOINE: I tried to tell you, Vladek.

VLADEK: I thought I was the only one... I thought I had finally lost my mind.  Father and his servants can’t see him.  He must have cast a spell on them.


Lord President of the Time Lords

Female, older adult.  Leader of the High Council for several regenerations, the President is strong, determined, and will do anything to protect her planet from Malachi’s returning army.  Waging war involves making more sacrifices than she would like but knows that there are no easy decisions when her planet is threatened.  She knows enough about the Doctor to agree with Creed that he could be a valuable asset. (6)

MALACHI: He has a TARDIS - how can he be late?

PRESIDENT: The Doctor was a bit after your time, wasn’t he, Malachi?



Male, older adult.  Self-declared rival President of Gallifrey, Malachi is a figure from the Old Times, banished by Rassillon and now returned.  Malachi believes he is more qualified to lead Gallifrey than anyone and is convinced the Time Lord's destiny is to rule the galaxy.  Malachi is egotistical, cruel and paranoid. (11)

MALACHI: Do you know who you’re talking to, renegade?

PRESIDENT: He did address you by name, Malachi.

MALACHI: I am the rightful ruler of Gallifrey!  Master of it’s true destiny.


The Keeper

Female, older adult.  A seer from Gallifrey’s uncertain future.  She can see across timelines and receives visions from alternate realities.  As such, she is rarely completely present, always distracted by conflicting thoughts and ideas. (5)

KEEPER: Here again, I see.  Or did you forget?

CREED: Look at me.  Focus on this reality.

KEEPER: They hung you from the capitol tower this morning.  Treachery.  I see in this world your secrets are safe.


Castellan Clay

Male, senior adult.  A wise old ex-member of the council, Clay fled Gallifrey when he realised the truth about the Time Lords and the impossible decision before him – to do what is best for Gallifrey, or for the universe.  Clay is kind and humble.  (20)

DOCTOR: I was wondering if you could help us.  We’re a little lost.

CLAY: Where are you trying to get to?  There’s nothing over there, nothing over there, and even less over there.


Customs Officer - Female, adult. A lifelong resident of Little Kondor, she does not like the recent takeover by the Vladek corporation but would never dare stand up to them openly.  She is content to take her pay check and ensure the letter of the law is followed at the port.  (2)

A Capitol Guard - Standard red uniform and pomp.  Loyal to the President, respectful but distrustful of Creed and his unconventional methods. (5)

Serving Droid - A sassy, sarcastic robot re-programmed by Gravdak to work in his bar and a string of unreliable bartenders. (3)

Devout Chaplain - A harsh voiced, unreasoning AI.  Programmed to protect the moon of Little Kondor from unbelievers. (2)

A Posh Announcer - A figment of the Doctor’s imagination, or a memory of an old matrix avatar.  Plummy and well spoken. (3)

I repeat: you do not have a valid landing pass.  Please bring your ship to docking bay 57 and prepare to be boarded.

No pay

Audition closes: Monday, November 19, 2018 at 11:59 PM PDT
Lines will be due Friday, December 14, 2018
Expected completion date: June 2019

Last updated: Wednesday, November 14, 2018