Doctor Who Handbook: The Jeffrey Coburn Years

DOCTOR WHO is the world’s longest-running science fiction
television series. Each handbook provides both a broad overview
and a detailed analysis of one phase of the programme’s history.
When Jeffrey Coburn took over the role of the Doctor in the
Audio Dramas, the series was just beginning to expand its
audience base thanks to the internet. The question on
everyone’s mind was, “Would the world audience accept, in
audio, what it had always cherished on television?”

The answer was a resounding “Yes!” Today, even the BBC
itself is expanding its market into the world of audio, and
Jeffrey Coburn is considered to be one of the best non-BBC
portrayals of the Time Lord.

This book is an in-depth study of Jeffrey Coburn’s tenure as
the Doctor, including a profile of the actor, a critical summary
of each story in which he starred, and a scene-by-scene
examination of the 30th season story, MORNINGSTAR
MANOR. This book owes its thanks to David J. Howe and
the other authors of previous Handbooks whose tireless work
continues to enlighten us about this enigmatic Time Lord.

Jeffrey Coburn Handbook

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