Countdown to Armageddon

Episode 135

Season 27 – Production code 23C70

Written by Charles Delany

In the late 20th century, Earth scientists discovered a large black hole in the centre of the Milky Way galaxy. So powerful was this phenomena that whoever could learn to harness and control this limitless force could easily become…Master of the Universe.

“It’s a countdown to Armageddon now, Mark.”

Running time 89 minutes

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Episode 134

Season 27 – Production code 7C69

Written by Alan Stephens

They have chased each other through countless star systems. Worlds have been decimated by his wrath. Times destroyed from his very presence. Even other universes weren’t safe.

Now, their final confrontation threatens to destroy all.

Between this universe and the next lies the Gateway. Destroy it, and all is lost.

Their battle has come back home. It is finally over. But the toll may be too much, and no one will be able to escape.

Running time 40 minutes

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The Un-Men

Episode 133

Season 27 – Production code 10C68

Written by William Helson

“The reasons for the war have changed.”

“Why are you bombing your own people?!”

“I think. I feel emotion. I have wants, needs.”

“We shall never have peace as long as we have the enemy!”

“Evacuate complex! Incoming fire! All personnel evacuate complex!”

“I’ll stay…”

The attacks continue long into the night. A hospital, a school, all destroyed. And still the attacks come. The enemy is relentless…or so the people are told.

The Doctor, Susie Jo, and Comdr. Triyad know differently.

On a planet that is rabidly anti-technology, the war has already been won and lost. But still the attacks come…only this time the reasons for the war have changed, and only genocide can be the answer.

Running time 62 minutes

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The Wrath of Poseidon

Episode 132

Season 27- Production code 67C

Written by David Segal.

Ikol summons Poseidon to kidnap sacrifices for his unholy purpose. The final sacrifice: Susie Jo. Can the Doctor discover who is behind these kidnappings? And why does this strange demigod seem so familiar?

Running time 66 minutes

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Terror on Terra

Episode 131

Season 27 – Production code 15C66

Written by Thomas Himinez.

In the 24th century, a great war between the United Federation of Planets and the Zylon Empire has been raging. Each side takes massive casualties, but still the enemy continues to press on. One side has superiour skill, the other superiour number. All it would take is a single event to tip the scales against humanity and allow the insect race to conquer all.
That event is known as the Gamma Effect.

Now, the Zylon Empire has come to the 20th century in an effort to change history and prevent the Federation from ever being formed…one way or another.

Earth’s only hope is a small band of Star Cruisers sent by Starfleet to the 20th century. Can they and the Doctor protect history and prevent the Zylons from destroying the Earth? Or is history about to be rewritten and the human race transformed into mead for the Zylon’s table?

Running time: 60 minutes.

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Space Trap

Episode 130

Season 26 – Production code 10C65

Written by Gerry David and Debbie Johnson.

Cybermen. Their very name strikes fear across the galaxy.

Since time immemorial have these metal beings of evil threatened all life. Yet from out of their terror, something does come good. An alliance of planets pledged to fight them to the very last. And from this alliance stands the planet Canis: the greatest threat the Cybermen have yet faced.

But not even eternal vigilance can stop the Cybermen. They have plotted…and planned…and now, their time of fruition has come.

If even the mighty Canis can not stop the Cybermen now, who indeed can ever stand up to them?

The line has been drawn. The last battlefield set.

Will the Canasians be able to deploy their Golden Ray in time? Or will the Cybermen be able to infiltrate their ranks with a new and devastating chameleon in what will be only the first of a new wave of devastating attacks across the galaxy?

Now even the Doctor is not sure who is on his side.

Running time: 67 minutes.

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Tomb of the Daleks

Episode 129

Season 26 – Production code 18C64

Written by David Segal.

Davros, creator of the evil Daleks, returns to Skaro, intending to bring to life an army of Daleks which have been entombed for thousands of years. They were created to obey. Genetically engineered to be the masters of the universe. And they waited…waited for their call to action. That call has now come. And they rise with a vengeance from their tomb.

Running time: 108 minutes.

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The Last Colony

Episode 128

Season 26 – Production code 15C63.

Written by Robin-Mary Manseth.

Far in the future, far beyond the sphere of the Time Lords, the universe lies dying. Civilizations have risen and fallen, stars born and died, eras come and gone. And the last remaining band of humans struggle to survive on a hostile planet, awaiting with dread the coming final confrontation against an enemy they have no hope of defeating.

Life hangs in the balance. And the Doctor is forbidden to interfere.

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Running time 89 minutes

Planet of the Dead

Episode 127

Season 26 – Production code 18C62

Written by David Segal.

Enlisted by Lord Kardek-Sadar, the Doctor and his friends must find and recover the four splintered selves of the legendary Time Lord. But self has taken a life unto itself, and have thrown a planet into chaos.

Little do either the Doctor or even Kardek-Sadar know that there is a malevolent force manipulating all.

Running time 105 minutes

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