Might of the Starry Sea

Episode 178

Season 36 – Production code 23DWA178

Written by J. W. Smith

In pursuit of past-times, the Doctor and Robbie visit Planet Earth in the year 2900. It is a golden age for humanity and home to one of the wonders of the Milky Way galaxy: The Sanctuary.

An orbiting shelter-of-last-resort, the Sanctuary was built to preserve the many extra-terrestrial animal species of the Milky Way, whose home planets are dead or dying. The monumental project represents the single most massive conservation effort in the history of mankind.

But all has not gone to plan…

The Doctor and Robbie arrive to discover that humanity, with the best of intentions, has nevertheless placed itself on the brink of self-destruction.

The two adventurers set forth upon a course that will take them backward in time and halfway across the galaxy in search of Planet Earth’s salvation…

Running time 144 minutes

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End of Innocence

Episode 177

Season 36 – Production code 16DWA177

Written by Rachel Steffan

The hope of an entire world rests on the shoulders of a young child. But there are those who want the boy for their own reasons. When the Doctor involves himself, he finds that he has set in motion a chain of events that will end all life on the planet.

Even the best of intentions are meaningless unless the Doctor can somehow undo the damage he has wrought, and still find a way to end an injustice that has been going on for generations.

Running time 106 minutes

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The Sontaran Trap

Episode 176

Season 36 – Production code 17DWA176

Written by James Durkin

Humanity has finally done it. Scientists at a base in London are about to open a Wormhole to a far off sector of the galaxy. The implications are enormous, and nothing will ever be the same again. Mankind will finally be able to travel amongst the stars.

But the Doctor knows something is wrong. Mankind shouldn’t have this kind of technology, not in the early 21st century. But who gave them the technology? What for? Why is UNIT being kept in the dark? And why exactly does the head of the Ministry of Defence have a Sontaran hiding in his cupboard?

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The Eyes of All

Episode 175

Season 35 – Production code 15DWA175

Written by Everett Frost

Probe 847385 is malfunctioning. The images it is sending back are jumbled. It is no longer responding to commands. Now, two technicians must attempt to retrieve and deactive the probe before it is discovered.

The problem is, it has already been discovered. And been given a new name: Moira Skye.

Running time 46 minutes

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mp3 Part 1 Part 2

Long Winter’s Night

Episode 173

Season 35 – Production code 19DWA173

Written by Jack Morrissey

The world is getting colder. This Christmas, it’s snowing in Hawaii. But it isn’t global cooling, global warming, or any other weather effect. It’s much more sinistar than that.

Man isn’t behind these terrible weather events. It isn’t even mankind. It’s something else…or someone else. Earth is their target. They only need to make a slight change to make it their perfect home.

Running time 46 minutes

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Episode 172

Season 35 – Production code 11DWA172

Written by Kryon Mallett

“Now, all my young Dookies and Duchesses,
Take warning from what I do say
Mind all is your own as you touchesses,
Or you’ll join us in Botany Bay.”

– Stephens and Yardley, Botany Bay, 1885

It’s Sydney Town, 1795, an isolated penal settlement less than a decade old and bitterly divided along class and racial lines. Survival, let alone success, is not yet assured. The natives have been driven out of the cove and the first emancipated convicts are now taking up land selections. But how much do these European castaways know about what lurks in a truly alien environment?

“If you don’t let me go Governor, everyone in this colony will be dead within the next week.”

– The Doctor

A well meaning but inept Governor, his resilient daughter, an elitist and racist marine garrison, a “civilised” native trapped between the European and Aboriginal worlds, a fallen aristocrat, a light-fingered urchin from the streets of London, and two mysterious visitors from elsewhere, are about to face an adversary older than the land itself…an adversary which has been growing unchecked on the lost continent at the edge of the world for over a millennia.

“There are no innocents aside from my children, Doctor. The Quinkins are to rid this place of the outsiders. You should not have interfered. Seize the Doctor, my children. Seize him! The Doctor must die!!!”

– The Dreamer

Running time 86 minutes

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Hippocratic Oath

Episode 171

Season 35 – Production code 16DWA171

Written by George Maglio

August 14th

If you die in the future, what do they put on your gravestone? The Doctor is like the spinning of the earth, the fire of the stars, and the flow of time itself and he will find me a cure. Still with everything that has happened I fear that even the Doctor doesn’t have the time or the resources to remedy me and save everyone else. And if my death can save all these people…

Moria Skye
1977 – 5021?

Running time 131 minutes

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The Christmas Conspiracy

Episode 170

Season 34 – Production code 24WDA170

Written by John S. Drew

The late 22nd century. Humanity has advanced to the point where holiday cheer has been replaced with efficiently running factories. Earth has cut itself off from the rest of the universe and there is peace.

Or is there?

Oliver Benson, millionaire industrialist, has ordered another hiring frenzy of homeless people in New York City. He promises great rewards for their help in his special project.

But what is it? And where does the odd man known as the Doctor fit into all this?

Running time 43 minutes

wmv Part 1
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Hortima Prime

Episode 169

Season 34 – Production code 13DWA169

Written by Paul Clement

Captain’s log: We have landed on the planet Hortima Prime, a new planet in the Hortima system. We are responding to a distress call from the colonists who recently landed there. This this time, however, we have received no further contact…at least from the colonists, that is. I can’t help but feel that we are being watched. Scouting parties report no sign of any of the colonists nor other life forms, yet I can’t help shake this feeling. And I swear I can hear voices. But it must be my imagination. Too many long trips stuck inside a tin can makes the mind play tricks on people.

I’ve decided to take a party to what appears to be a set of ruins in the distance. If the colonists are anywhere, they might be there. At least, that’s where I would go for shelter. I will report back anything I find immediately upon my return.


Captain’s log, Lt. Matthews reporting. The captain has not returned from his scouting expedition. Several other crew members have disappeared as well. In his absence, let the record show that I am assuming command. I am setting the ship on alter and have ordered the crew to being caring sidearms in the event of hostilities. It is my opinion that some of the crew have deserted to join the colonists in rebellion against the home planet. Some of the remaining crew may also be planning to join them. I swear can hear voices whispering in the corridors…

Running time 86 minutes

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