The Chronic Rift

Episode 155

Season 31 – Production code 16D20

Written by John S. Drew

While the Doctor is showing Christine the botanical gardens in New York City, in nearby space, an experiment goes horribly wrong. Suddenly, dimensions begin to mix together. Creatures and beings from differerent Earths are thrust together! And Christine suddenly vanishes before the Doctor’s eyes!

Ordinary and extraordinary people areripped from the Earths they knew and suddenly find themselves on a world they know to be their own, but isn’t. They must work together to stay alive long enough as the Doctor tries to find a way to close the rift and save not only one universe, but all of them.

It is the Doctor’s greatest crisisyet! And it may take everything the Doctor has to stop the rift before it consumes all…everything!

Running time 126 minutes

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The Hidden Menace

Episode 154

Season 31 – Production code 17D19

Written by Robert Dunlop

A visit to some caves in a quiet English village turns into a nightmare for the Doctor and Christine when they discover a killer hiding in the dark, an animal which doesn’t even belong to this time.

Investigating further, they find out more than visitors to the caves are meant to know and realise that the town, and even the country, is in danger from a creature, hungry and waiting for food.

The mysterious manager is no help. Does he know more than he’s letting on?

Why is a door mysteriously opening and closing in a supposedly normal cave wall? Is everything as real as it seems?

There’s something else down there…deep, deep down in the rock. Buried and hidden throughout the centuries. But what is it and how can it explain what is happening?

For the two time travellers one thing’s for certain: They’re in danger along with the whole population of Southbank. And if the creature escapes from the caves, will they be able to stop it?

Running time 76 minutes

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Radio 2000

Episode 153

Season 31 – Production code 10D18

Written by John S. Drew

The aftermath of World War III. Chaos. The breakdown of society.

What would you give up to live a normal life? Your freedom? Your planet?

In the years that followed mankind’s greatest holocaust, a single leader emerges to rule the Earth with his iron fist. There is but a single voice which speaks out against him: that is the voice of Radio 2000.

But some people believe in Milan’s rule. Some believe that it will take the disipline of a dictator to save the Earth from itself. And some are willing to stop at nothing to silence the voice of freedom which eminates from the lone station, high in orbit above the Earth.

The Doctor and Christine find themselves involved in a revolt where the stakes are far greater than just who will live at Number 10. Far greater indeed.

And there is a third party…waiting just outside the solar system…watching.

Running time 111 minutes

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Shadow of the Dragon

Episode 152

Season 31 – Production code 20D17

Written by Lance Hall

For untold millennia, the dragons ruled the skies of every known world. It was only after a great war were these powerful creatures finally able to be destroyed…except for one. This lone survivor was captured and banished to the nether regions outside of time and space, imprisoned forever.

Or so the Time Lords thought.

The ages passed, and the dragon waited, plotting his revenge…waiting for someone to enter his domain and free him.

Finally, someone came.

The fate of all life now rests with a renegade Time Lord cut off from his own people and a confused young girl from the middle ages cut off from the world she knew.

The time grows late. The dragon extends his wing.

Running time 88 minutes

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The Seventh Dungon of Drakmoore

Episode 151

Season 31 – Production code 32D16

Written by Thomas Himinez

In the 13th century, Henry III may have sat on the throne of England, but it was the barons who ruled the land. Some were kind, some corrupt. Most had their eye on the crown for themselves…but one had help.
Unnatural help.
Gargaman of Drakmoore poured his armies forth across the land no one was able to stand before his might. Some called him a sorcerer, others said he had signed a pact with the devil. Perhaps both were right.
Those who stood against him would taste the cold steel of his sword. Some, however, suffered a worse fate. There are terrible stories about the dungeons of Drakmoore. Unspeakable horrors. And beyond the dungeons, past the dank cells that held the dead and dying, was the seventh dungeon. The dungeon where Gargaman’s evil rested. Where men faced the truth behind the power of Drakmoore…and lost their souls.

Running time 72 minutes

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The Crimson Scarab

Episode 150

Season 30 – Production code 18D15

Written by Paul Ebbs

The world burns in the flames of war…

From the sophistication of Casablanca to a Nazi torture chamber in the stews of Marrakesh. From the heat of the Sahara to the metal tomb of a U-boat bound for the heart of the Third Reich, follow the Doctor in his desperate bid to recover and incredible alien artefact. An artefact which holds the balance of power in a struggle between two great empires.

GASP! – as the Doctor takes on
the might of the Waffen SS!

THRILL! – as he fights for his life
in a Saharan sandstorm!

TREMBLE! – as the future of the
entire galaxy rests in his hands…

Running time 102 minutes

wmv Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4
mp3 Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4


Episode 149

Season 30 – Production code 9D14

Written by John S. Drew and Joseph Medina

“How do you kill something you can’t see?”


“It is the perfect hunter.”


“It’s always watching…”




“Doctor…what is it?”

Running time 48 minutes

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mp3 Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Morningstar Manor

Episode 148

Season 30 – Production code 17D13

Written by Joshua Schrodier

It was a quiet village…quiet that was, until that thing came. Now, each night is shattered by terrifying nightmares. The people are trapped, unable to leave under penalty of…well, even death would be more preferable.

Now, two strangers have come to town. And suddenly, the nightmares have stopped…except for the new girl. Could her presence have something do do with it? Is she our salvation?

We have borne our yoke for so long. Is one life too much to ask for in exchange for the freedom of a whole town?

And all the while, I know that we are being watched. This is a forbidden subject. Hope is something far gone. This town is accursed. And we have sold our souls…

Running time 55 minutes

wmv Part 1 Part 2 Part 3
mp3 Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Devinaura IV

Episode 147

Season 30 – Production code 12D12

Written by Raymond De Long


“We should have wiped those
Marazians out in the war!”


“We shall finally take back
what is ours from the Earthers!”


“Doctor…I don’t want to
be your enemy.”


“I will stop you, Dara!”

From the pen of Raymond De Long, script editor for two seasons for the Doctor Who Audio Drams — including The Last Colony and The Price of Paradise — comes an adventure set in the future of mankind…but a future torn from the pages of today.

“They’ve closed their minds, Dara. Now it’s up to us and us alone to try and stop this before a lot of innocent lives are lost.”

Running time 100 minutes

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mp3 Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5