The Labours of Travellers

Episode 193

Season 39 – Production code 25DWA193

Written by Jay Bishop-Thompson

Life in Stalin’s Russia is hard as the Doctor discovers when the TARDIS takes him and Antoine to an industrial town intent on doing all they can to meet their targets. But they soon get swept up in history, falling in with politicians and workers all trying to survive the harsh realities of their lives.

While Antoine goes underground and experiences the claustrophobic horrors of a cramped mineshaft, the Doctor witnesses firsthand the paranoia and fear rife throughtout the country. It’s the time of the Purges and nobody is safe.

But who is hiding in the warehouse on the outskirts of the city? Why are they mining for minerals nobody has ever heard of? What are the creatures that scurry around just out of sight? And who is responsible for the hole in the time vortex?

Sometimes, being forced to work until you drop dead isn’t the worst thing that could happen to you.

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Rhythm of the Piper

Episode 192

Season 39 – Production code 19DWA192

Written by Lucile Arboine

“We turn what scares us into stories. All those terrible supernatural creatures can’t harm us when they’re fictional.”

Or so the Doctor thinks. When the TARDIS takes him to Lower Saxony in 1284, he is surprised when he comes face to face with a strange plague afflicting the young of Hamelin. Though what he initially thinks is a terrible illness turns out to be something much worse. As he faces the superstitious beliefs of the people of the town, the Doctor must turn to two men he is reluctant to trust if he is to have any chance of saving the day. But when one is a mysterious stowaway who offers more questions than answers and the other is the Pied Piper himself – a figure of folklore that the Doctor had always assumed was fictional – he knows he’s in for a tough day.

And that’s before the Untimely Red step out of the shadows. That’s before the truth about the Somgalese is revealed. That’s before he finds out what the plague really is.

Desperate to save the children, the Doctor will go to any length to secure a happy ending for these people. But this isn’t a fairytale. Real life has a tendency to be a lot harder.

Running time 133 minutes

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Episode DW5

Season 36 – Production code 38DW5

Written by Julio Angel Ortiz and Robin-Mary Manseth.  And Thomas Himinez and Dusty McRee.  And David Segal, Charles Danbee, and Steve Boyer.  What? there’s more?  Sheryl Mckinley, Belinda Montero, Stanley Rankins…I think they’re just making this stuff up now.  Sharon Littlefield & Velma Strother.  Alan Meadows, Jeffrey Sartin. I’m not getting paid by the word you know!  Jodi Donahue, Dianne Luke, Beverly Howarth…  Aw nuts to this.  And a whole lot of other people!

The Doctor is faced with a wrenching choice, the outcome of which will decide the fate not only of himself, but of his companion as well.

A Doctor Who April Fool

Running time 5 days, 17 hours, 36 minutes, and 18 seconds.  That’s just a rough estimate.  It may be a smidge shorter than that.

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Takamagahara (Dalek Oblivion)

Episode 191

Season 39 – Production code 12DWA191

Written by James Durkin

Every harvest, bandits raid a tiny village in medieval japan. But this time it’ll be different. This year the village elders have recruited a group of samurai to defend their crops. This year, they make a stand.

But with ever increasing odds, how long can the small band of samurai hold out? What’s behind the strange voices a little girl can hear in her head? Who is this mysterious foreigner the Doctor, and why does he seem to know what’s about to happen?

As reality proves wierder than they can ever expect, the samurai soon find that there are worse things than bandits. Things that the universe thought forgotten. Things that are writing themselves back into our world.

This time it’ll be different.

Running time 155 minutes

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A Beautiful Mess

Episode 190

Season 38 – Production code 16DWA190

Written by Lucile Arboine

“They say that reality is 90% what you remember.”

“And the remaining 10%?”

“What you think you remember.”

Manchester, 1969. A mind-altering drug is starting to sweep across the nation. The police are on the case, but with limited success. Camille doesn’t want to get involved, but the Doctor’s curiosity has already got the better of him. Teaming up with DCI Rhodes and his assistant Giovanna Everglade, the Doctor does what he can.

But things are going to get personal.

The mind works in mysterious ways.

Running time 161 minutes

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Zylon: Rebellion

Episode 189

Season 38 – Production code 16DWA189

Written by Thomas Himinez

What atrocities would you commit to save your planet?

The Zylons are here. They have killed most and are saving the rest for food. Galaxy Garrison has retreated and left those behind to fend for themselves.

Some have given up. Some have sided with the Zylons. Most just try to survive day to day. And some continue the fight, not against the Zylons but against their fellow humans.

The Doctor and Camille find themselves caught in a war of desperation, and the cost for freedom may be too high even for them.

Running time 121 minutes

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The Dying of the Light

Episode 188

Season 38 – Production code 22DWA188

Written by Jamie Hardwick

It isn’t easy retiring from UNIT, not when you know what’s out there. After all that wonder, how can you give it all up and grow old gracefully? What if you could have your greatest desire instead?

Mistakes have been made, so misguided, so human. The Doctor and Camille witness a dark day for the organisation. A creature of unparalleled strength is on the prowl, eager for revenge.

Do not go gently into that good night. Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

Running time 164 minutes

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Episode 187

Season 38 – Production code 5DWA187

Written by Daniel Callahan

The Doctor and Camille step out of the TARDIS just as the world ends. (Oops.) That would be the end of the story, except they wake up.

Was it a dream? Where’s the TARDIS? And why is everyone they talk to so polite?

Except the Horde. They’ll create a pile of corpses to get what they want. And the seven foot tall blue guy who’s hovering nearby wants everyone to leave.

And why is that autistic boy counting down to 0…?

Running time 90 minutes

wmv Part 1 Part 2 Part 3
mp3 Part 1 Part 2 Part 3



Era of Decay

Episode 186

Season 38 – Production code 12DWA186

Written by Jim Falba

The Harbinger had the best interests of the whole universe at heart, but the Doctor was not interested in saving those innocents trapped in the era where entropy won. The Doctor tricked the Harbinger, imprisoning him and leaving him for dead. However, a twist of fate has given the Harbinger another chance to fulfill his promise to those dying civilizations screaming into the night as the last stars go out.

Running time 163 minutes

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Episode 185

Season 37 – Production code 9DWA185

Written by James Durkin

Karly is caught in a trap. The TARDIS has been stolen and someone has interfered with her memory. Now she wander the corridors of an old people’s home, looking for a way out. Karly knows she’ll escape someday. If only she could remember the code for the door…

And there are other games afoot. What’s for lunch? Will PC Brown ever complete his crossword in time? And just what does the mysterious James Stoker have hidden in the basement?

Running time 66 minutes

wmv Part 1 Part 2
mp3 Part 1 Part 2